MECCA Ditch Race 2023

Brad Roberson's 1st Place Miniramp Contest run at Tomahawk Skateshop 7-15-2023

Brad Roberson

Texas Skate Shop Owner, Nollie half-cab tail on the extension on the ramp located next to the shop.

Vlad Voitav

Texas Skate Shop factory rider, Vlad Voitav, rock n'roll on the volcano at the King's place! Spicewood, TX.

Brody - BS Feeble

Brody Walker

Texas Skate Shop factory rider, Brody Walker, backside feebles on the extension at an event in Gilmer, TX.

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Factory Rider, Ashton Scott, defying gravity with an indy wallride in Tyler, TX.

Ashton Scott

Pro-Designed, Inc - Pad Testimonial

Brad Roberson

Grand Canyon Trip 2017